Optimum Cleaner Brush


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Optimum Cleaner Brush: Banish those dirty grooves, drive away debris, and no longer suffer dirty club heads with the Optimum Cleaner Brush from the Golfers club collection. Ball flight and spin are the two of the main components of this beautiful game; every care should be taken to ensure that all Golfers play to their maximum potential. Keep your club heads clean and grooves clear and the opportunity to perform at the highest level will be achieved. The well designed brush comes with a plastic moulded handle and features a double sided head that comprises of one side of nylon bristles and the other side steel bristles. A well positioned elasticated cord has been fitted to the handle of the brush to enable easy attachment to a golf bag. Keep it Clean; keep it Mean with the Optimum Cleaner Brush.

  • Elastic Attachment Cord.
  • Steel Bristles.
  • Nylon Bristles.
  • Easy Grip Handle.