Club Hire                                 

We have full sets for hire of men's and ladies left and right handed clubs. A pull trolley is

included in the hire set price. 

9 Holes   $15 

18 Holes $25

Hire Trolley Fees                                   

Pull Trolley                                       $8

Motorised Carts                                    

We have modern 'club car' carts in our fleet. A credit card number is taken before you

commence your round. The cart is checked after your round and credit card slip is

destroyed. Important debit cards are not accepted. If you don not have a credit card

$500 cash will be required as a deposit.

Motorised Cart Hire Fees                     

9 Holes $35

18 Holes  $45

Cart Hire Policy                                     

The Rules for the use of a motorised vehicle are:

1. Motorised golf vehicles must not to be driven onto tees or greens or between greens

    or bunkers.

2. No motorised golf vehicle shall be driven or left standing at the front or within 10

    meters of a green.

3. A motorised vehicle should not be driven ahead of play when a ball is still to be played.

4. Where a golf cart is on course no more then 2 persons shall ride in the cart and under

    no circumstances are children permitted to drive that cart.

5. Use of motorised vehicle may at times be denied if course conditions and or other

    circumstances warrant such action.

6. Must be over 18+ with a drivers licence to operate motorised vehicles.