Putt Or Tutt Pick-A-Hole Winners

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 August 2020 at 5:56:00 PM

What an evening at the Geraldton Golf Club! ??
With only 5 numbers to go it was time for young Mr Barrett to step up and play Putt or Tutt Pick-a-hole!
Without exaggerating, this was probably the most important putt of his life - he stepped up and with a last minute consult with his pals (after a last minute syndicate forming before his name was drawn), he stood firm and played Hole #12.
A cheer in the room soon erupted as the crowd realised he had won the cash... and that they may get a beer bought from the winner of the $2000!
Congratulations Geoff & Co on your win!
A fresh round of Putt or Tutt Pick-a-hole will begin on Friday 4th September!

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