Geraldton Golf Club was formed in 1926, playing on sites at Majors Hill and inside the racecourse and showgrounds at Utakarra Oval before moving to its present home, in 1932.

Looking at the magnificent course available for play today, it is hard work that had to be undertaken with no modern machinery to clear the course of virgin scrub.

During  the 1930's the Club boasted a total membership of approximately 30 members and associates, a ground staff of one pensioner and a plant that consisted of a wheelbarrow and odd hand implements!

In its early days the course consisted of dirt fairways and sand 'greens'. Play was only possible during winter months. The Clubhouse was a wood and iron three-room building.

During the Second World War, the Club was taken over by the Army and the Clubhouse housed a dental unit. Two top Australian golfers of the day were in this Army unit. They were Bill Bogler, an Australian Open Winner, and Keith Clarke, the son of the famous professional, Basneque Clarke.

It was not until the late 1970's that Geraldton introduced grass greens, thanks to Club Member Jim Davey, whose experimentation discovered a type of grass that thrived in the saltwater from the bores that were used to irrigate the course in those days.

Today the Club is the proud owner of a first class 18-hole grassed course, a modern Clubhouse with all the facilities and state-of-the-art plant. This offers the discerning golfer a year-round course at a membership which is nearly half the fees of many metropolitan Clubs.