Below is a summary of the updated (12/06/20) happenings at the Geraldton Golf Club with regard to the COVID-19 restrictions.  Please click on the links below to get the detailed information.

Some exciting changes have been made:

  • The Clubhouse is now up running again with the new physical distancing requirements in place.
  • From today members are able to share Club cars again.

A couple of things that need to be remembered:

  • Bookings are still essential.
  • Please do not tee off prior to your allocated time.
  • Members/guests are required to check into the Pro Shop or the office prior to teeing off .
  • Please do not walk around and consume your beverages in the Club house you are required to be seated when drinking.

Back to the fun stuff -

  • Don't forget there is a Geraldton Golf Club Members Only facebook page - search for Members of the Geraldton Golf Club and answer the 2 questions, if you have already been invited to join please do.  We currently have nearly 300 members and on last check only 128 in this group, lets see how close we can get to everyone.  Now I know some people aren't on Facebook but their significant other is - so why not get them to join and you answer the questions...???

Here are some useful links:

  • We have formulated a GGC Roadmap, for moving forward.  Please  Check it out here to see the updated roadmap
  • The Temporary Conditions of Play have been updated as at 12th June 2020. Check them out here

Please click on the links to ensure you are up to date with the latest information.

Happy Golfing.